Pullet Barns

Summit Builders is a Clean Technology Contractor that uses the Ag-Tite Air Barrier program offers a way to transform an existing pullet house into an energy efficient building. The Patented AireBarrier Black and AireBarrier White provides great wall protection for pullet barns because it creates a continuous hard shell and it will adhere to almost any surface. In many cases, old walls built from plywood or OSB, need to have an air seal and must be cleanable. This can greatly reduce any samonella that could be found on the walls due to the moisture that can build up on old wood.

How pullet houses are best designed and equipped depends on the production requirements for the particular bird and breeder program that is being followed. Looking at the industry at large, it can be seen that there are many variations in how people want their houses to be: Some breeder programs require total dark out, while others do not insist on strict darkness. This is why the patented AireBarrier comes in both white and black. 

Other houses, especially in cooler locations, omit cooling entirely. Retrofitting older pullet houses to provide light restriction with adequate ventilation introduces other variations, depending on the existing house construction and style. Often in retrofits we are not able to use technology that is absolutely the best, but must choose equipment that will be cost- effective and feasible for the particular older- house situation.

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