Primary Breeders

Summit Builders offers a solution to the Primary Breeder farms that have older houses which are in need of renewal, especially when it comes to making a cleanable surface. Since 2008, Biosealants has offered an affordable way to take older primary breeder barns, that have OSB or plywood walls and to seal them with our patent pending high density ag air barriers. This creates protection on the wall and offers an air barrier sealant against the transfer of microbes. Contact Ken Scruggs today for a quote.

Walls Sealed An Bio Secure

The functions of the primary or basic breeder are to maintain pure blood lines, expand pure designated blood lines, and develop cross-bred blood lines. The primary breeder engineers development of the first three generations of birds which commercial growers ultimately market as fifth generation. Primary breeders usually offer Grandparent, Parent, hatching eggs and day-old chicks. The function of the multiplier breeder is to multiply the parent flocks (fourth generation) which produce eggs for commercial growers.

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