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Summit Builders Group is an approved contractor for Ozark Electric Cooperative. Their complete energy audit program is one of the first comprehensive energy audits offered by a utility. Did you know that heating and cooling can add up to 50% of your energy bill? Using proven testing technologies, our energy auditors can diagnose structural deficiencies in a home or building that lead to high energy consumption. By identifying these problem areas, you can easily make a significant difference in energy usage and costs.

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Testing costs $100 up front. Reimbursement of the initial $100 investment will be made to you upon presentation of paid receipts for energy improvements and will be limited to $100.

If you are building a new home, give us a call so that we can make recommendations for your new home and help calculate what size heat pump would be best for your home.

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We’re joining with electric cooperatives across the state to offer the innovative Home Energy Lending Program (H.E.L.P.), which can help identify energy problem areas and even help finance the fix. H.E.L.P. is a comprehensive energy- and money-saving option that has no upfront costs and includes:

  • A complete home energy assessment at no cost ($300 value) 
  • Low-interest financing for energy improvements as recommended from your home energy assessment
  • A no-credit-check loan with payback terms that are added to your monthly electric bill 

For qualified members, H.E.L.P. is basically on-bill financing for energy efficiency improvements on your home. The savings you receive on your energy bill will help and, in most cases, completely pay for the improvements. 

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